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cardio training

weight training

kinesthetic awareness

The most efficient calorie burning exercise coupled with the strengthening of your heart, blood vessels and lungs makes c-v training a major factor in reaching your goals. We will determine your Training Heart Rate for the treadmill, stationary bike, and/or the elliptical trainers to ensure your safety and efficiency.

Along with free weights (dumbbells and barbells) we have a full line of weight machines to target every major muscle group. Resistance training using elastic bands, weighted balls, stability balls and other accessories will also be incorporated. The goal is to increase your strength (muscle density) which in turn enhances your ability to burn calories.

The understanding of how your body moves in a given space is essential for long-term health and well-being. Through functional training and related exercises, balance, agility and coordination in everyday life can be improved. The goal of proper body alignment (posture) and performing the exercise with the proper form.

weight loss

muscle toning

post rehab training

Weight loss is the number one reason people seek a personal trainer.  We will educate you how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight with a customized plan designed just for you.


Muscle Toning is a common goal for all our clients. This is achieved by resistance (weight) training, cardio training and the proper diet. Your workout program will be constructed to your ability. Any orthopedic concerns or medical conditions will be addressed in this process. The health and safety of our clients is quintessential.

Many of our clients seek our help following an injury, surgery or other medical conditions. We will work with your physician and/or your physical therapist to continue the healing process and beyond.

circuit training (cross tr.)

movement for seniors

nutritional counseling

One of the most popular training methods utilized at our facility is circuit training. This involves going from station to station of varying exercises to sustain an elevated heart rate. This will enable you to burn more calories than the standard 3-5 sets of a particular exercise. This also allows you to work the majority of muscle groups in a one hour session. Typically both types of training methods and other variations will also be utilized. This is sometimes referred to as cross-training. For example, when doing cardio-vascular exercise you may switch from the treadmill to stationary bike to an elliptical trainer every 3 to 5 minutes.

More and more senior adults are seeking guided exercise sessions. We specialize in this segment of the population. Our mantra is "movement is required."  We have clients in their 90's who come 3 times a week because they find it necessary to maintain their current lifestyle. The goal is to remain functional for as long as possible.

Making healthy food choices day in and day out can be an overwhelming challenge. Your trainer will help guide you on this journey.  It is essential to learn what type of foods to choose along with portion control.  This will help you control your caloric intake and yet maintain your daily nutritional adequacy.

Training people is what we do

about us

the gym & our trainers

We have one of the most experienced and highly trained staff of personal trainers you will find. Our trainers are required to have 3 years experience and a field related certification or degree. Fields of specialization include senior fitness, corrective exercise, sport specific training and rehabilitation. Each trainer is also educated in nutritional counseling to help you make healthy choices.

We recommend one hour sessions which includes stretching and nutrition education.


Ask us about our discounted packages of sessions.


All you have to do is call or stop by and we will connect you to the trainer that suits your needs the best. We operate by appointment only and  are open 7 days a week .


About del Barrett, M.ED


Del Barrett, M.ED. , founder and owner since 1997, holds a Master's Degree in Exercise Science from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

As a life-long sports enthusiast, pursued an educational background and career to further understand the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet. Following  3 years as a Director of Exercise for the Toledo YMCA's, Del moved to California in 1985 to work for Pritikin Longevity Centers as an  Executive Trainer and Director of Exercise. After 6 years of invaluable learning at Pritikin, he started his career as a full-time personal trainer.

In 1997 Del opened Action Personal Training to accommodate the growing demand for private fitness training for all ages and levels of fitness.

Personally, Del specializes in the training of seniors and the 50 plus population. He enjoys the challenge of continuing rehabilitation, addressing specific medical issues and/or maintaining health through proper nutrition and exercise.


In his spare time, Del is an avid hiker, mountain biker and runner.  Also has participated in tennis and other racket sports as well as golf.  Enjoys being a spectator of all sports with college football and basketball being his favorites.



WE have the best team of trainers. Learn about fitness from the masters of fitness.

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Looking for a gym space where you can provide your clients with an exclusive environment and make them feel special in a private setting? We offer rates per hour or a monthly fee for unlimited usage. As a part of our team you can train your clients at all times of the day and night as if you are the owner.


We require a current personal fitness trainer certificate, or/and a degree related to exercise and fitness, current insurance and cpr certification.


For more info call us at Action Personal Training 818-881-8097 and become a part of our friendly independent trainer team.



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we offer complimentary towel service and a intimate environment to achieve your fitness goal

"A sharp mind works better in a  healthy body !"

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R No Membership Fees
R You Pay Your Trainer Directly
R Private & Relaxed Setting R 1 on 1, 2 on 1 & Little Group Training Available
R Knowledgeable Trainers
R Safe Training Environment
R Trainer/ Trainee Only
R Tailored Training Techniques

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